15 May 2015


By albes

well, I have enough to do at this point of my life, nevertheless I need to do something else. This is it.

I had a blog, I had it for years. It is still there, where it was for the last 11 years. But I wasn’t satisfied. It grew, changed and finally got way too messy. I considered restyling it, changing just the layout, but I thought it would have been like changing its soul.

So I moved the old static pages, now in a container back to their usual place just for the records, I reopened the IYC pages (relocation did not good to them and I have to edit some code as soon as possible), closed for some years as I felt pissed off of being ignored by the new IYC course, and finally created and styled a brand new blog, this one.

Meanwhile, since 2004, many things changed in the very way I think and act, in the priorities of my life. And many changes happened also on the web. As I started blogging, there was no facebook, no twitter, nothing. Just a crappy myspace and some interesting services now long disappeared.

2003 the web became 2.0, and there it stayed.

Now, finally, I got 2.0 too, responsive and full-paged. I happen to like it. I hope so you do.