5 August 2016

Infinite sadness

By albes

Ever since 1993, when a younger me discovered his European soul, I have been dreaming of a truly united Europe, where border could just be a gray line on a map and people shared a dream: walls were falling, some had already fell, differences were opportunities and people were just people. My dream was coming true. Ever since 1993, it became always more and more real. And I felt good. We all felt good. Wars, hatred, conflicts were all forgotten.

But mankind never learns from its past and there is always people itching for war. Jugoslavia crumbled down – and not peacefully. Somehow we came over it, but not without paying a high price.

But I kept dreaming, dreaming one Europe.

The recent news headlines seem to tell me that mine was nothing but a dream. UK is kissing EU goodbye, Austria threatens to rise a wall along the Brenner, Hungary already did it.

I am no sociologist, nor an expert in foreign politics. I am just an old, romantic dreamer whose dreams are crumbling down.

And I feel sad.