Author: albes

7 December 2016

Threats to the Italian way of life

Once, during an English course, I was asked to write a short essay on the following topic: The traditional Italian way of life is being threatened. Some fee it’s because of the number of immigrants who do not share the same background, others feel it’s due to globalization and commercialism. Express your opinion on weather or not you believe in these theories and if you […]

5 August 2016

Infinite sadness

Ever since 1993, when a younger me discovered his European soul, I have been dreaming of a truly united Europe, where border could just be a gray line on a map and people shared a dream: walls were falling, some had already fell, differences were opportunities and people were just people. My dream was coming true. Ever since 1993, it became always more and more […]

3 June 2015

0x2B || !0x2B (on

Few months ago I bought a nice piece of iron & plastic, something I’d never bought 15 years ago, when it came out: an USB Sound Canvas, the UA-100 by Roland Edirol (review). The idea behind this buying was to have a semi professinal way to connect a serious speaker to my computer in order to play some backing tracks for my (poor) saxophone performances. […]

19 May 2015

X forward over two tunnel hops

As its title implies, this article aims to be a serious one, although hard to believe. Recently I stumbled across the problem of using my laptop from my workplace, as I needed some data on it. I knew it must have been possible to do it without too much pain, but I never did it. I started asking Mr. Google for a solution and eventually […]

15 May 2015


well, I have enough to do at this point of my life, nevertheless I need to do something else. This is it. I had a blog, I had it for years. It is still there, where it was for the last 11 years. But I wasn’t satisfied. It grew, changed and finally got way too messy. I considered restyling it, changing just the layout, but […]