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7 December 2016

Threats to the Italian way of life

Once, during an English course, I was asked to write a short essay on the following topic: The traditional Italian way of life is being threatened. Some fee it’s because of the number of immigrants who do not share the same background, others feel it’s due to globalization and commercialism. Express your opinion on weather or not you believe in these theories and if you […]

3 June 2015

0x2B || !0x2B (on

Few months ago I bought a nice piece of iron & plastic, something I’d never bought 15 years ago, when it came out: an USB Sound Canvas, the UA-100 by Roland Edirol (review). The idea behind this buying was to have a semi professinal way to connect a serious speaker to my computer in order to play some backing tracks for my (poor) saxophone performances. […]