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picnic reloaded – IYC 2009, Sopron (Hungary)

picnic reloaded

Hey, the details for IYC 2009 are out in the wild!. Take your time to fill in the reservation and be ready to rock!

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Kill your teamers

Dear diary,

in the morning we had our workshops as usual, getting ready for the first rehearsal of the final show. It is taking place tomorrow in la Rocca, all the workshops together will show to the city of Scandiano what they have learned on the camp. So in the afternoon everyone gathered in the gym to start “assembling” the show.

After the late dinner the teamers’ night started, beginning with the famous and well known House Running Game. For this game we – divided in groups of 5 people with at least 3 different nationalities – had to look for questions hidden by the teamers in the school, and then answer them to roll the dice again and keep going on the game board. A wrong answer would let you roll the dice once and go back on the board. The first team reaching question # 60 win. A delicious ice-cream prize was waiting for the first 3 teams.

After the House Running Game we had to imitate our workshop teamers. After a short break Jürgen, Hagen and Manuel offered us a socks show on the music “Internet is for porn” and Kowal gave us the best performance ever on the tunes of “I feel good”. We could also see a presentation of some camp photos chosen by Petra and a trailer of the camp made by the “Viedo workshop”. Last but not least, the show ended with a “Kill Your Teamer” game, where we could ask our teamers two question, shooting them with water bombs on wrong answers. Obviously this game finished with a water fight!

At 1:00 am the shows was over and the party moved to the disco in the garage.

Work, more work and Germans messing around…

Dear diary,

yesterday was a very exhausting day. We had workshops in the morning and in the afternoon as well… As the days are passing, the work is getting harder and harder. We are running out of time for the final show preparation, and people have very high expectations about it.

The day was really hot and even more in the joyshop room, in which we had to make a review about our general impressions from the camp. Even now there are some people who hadn’t written it. When we had a look at some of the reviews we were glad to see that almost everyone is fulfilled with this camp experience. Can you possibily not like the camp? No way!

Another remarkable event from yesterday was a football match against the local people – which we lost indeed – in which our improvements in sports are quite visible – last time we were almost destroyed, yesterday we only lost 5 to 3.

As some kind of reward for keeping up the good work and, as for football, good intentions, German campers offered us an unforgettable party, where we had games like water-balloon fighting, some pictures by Moe and Hendrik, who came here by Vespa, and shared with us some of their adventures. And the most significant thing, freshly baked bread with butter and aromatic herbs also accompanied by one of their typical drinks: Bowle.

It was a great day which ended with a very funny evening, there was even some time to make some jokes to sleeping people – just like me – who had their feet nails painted in two colours. Now I’m trying to find a way to remove this from my feet…

Bologna, here we go!

Dear diary,

we got up a bit earlier because of today’s trip to Bologna. It took us about one hour by bus and, as many people of the past camps – Czechs, Spaniards and Hungarians – have recently arrived, we had to take two buses to go there.

At our arrival to Bologna, Giacomo, who guided us around the city, gave each of us a map, in case we got lost or we wanted to investigate the city on our own. We decided the meeting point for the trip back.

We visited different important places in the city: churches, the cathedral, the fountain of Neptune, etc.; all explained by our tourist guide. After that, we went shopping, but, because of the holiday of 15th August, many shops were closed, although we found some shops to buy presents for our family and friends, and we tasted many kind of food from the restaurants in Bologna. After lunch we were sleepy and we went to a park to have siesta, but then a police man came and told to us that is not allowed to sleep on the grass, so we had to leave.

I really enjoyed this day, I love visiting new cities, and its shops, monuments, history, and typical food.

At night, when we finally arrived to school, we had dinner, and the whole camp went to the night party at the swimming pool. It was opened only for camp people, the guys who organised the disco party outside the bar few days ago, and other co-operators of the camp. The first fifty ones went by bike, and the rest were going by mini-buses.

Fighting the hangover

Dear diary,

today we had workshop both in the morning and in the afternoon, but due to the Spanish party and the hangover related to it, the morning workshop didn’t take place. Instead, we were given the possibility to sleep longer or visit the weekly market of Scandiano. As usual, we ate an ice-cream when we go to the market.

The theatre and painting workshops went to the Rocca, where the Final Show will take place, in order to take some photos and videos for the advertisements.

In the evening, after dinner, the world’s famous actor Antonio Fava visited the camp and did a great performance using masks. The way he explained the role of the masks in the Commedia dell’Arte was both educative and entertaining. While he explained every character, he performed a small play for each one, showing us how they usually act on stage, and how the body – a mask itself – must be used to represent the different moods in every moment, according to the character’s profile. A student of his was there too to help him in the performance. In the end he asked for a volunteer and Manolo, the sports teamer, played the role of a “capitano”, a character related to the Spanish theatre tradition.

Later that night, as usual, we had our daily party at the disco and ended the day having a nice time dancing.

Spanish party just rocks!

Dear diary,

nothing really special happened in the morning, just the usual work in the workshops, except for the theatre workshop which took place in the afternoon. The lucky participants of this workshop could sleep a little longer, but we joyshoppers had our little revenge by taking pictures of them sleeping!

In the afternoon we had free time and almost everybody had some rest, but not the Spanish people who had to prepare their party by peeling potatoes and onions to make the classic “tortilla Española” , arranging decoration, and preparing sangria, with fruits, that had to be peeled and cut in pieces as well.

We had a special Italian dinner, which was a bit like a free buffet with a lot of nice and tasty things carefully prepared. Well done kitchen team!

Finally after dinner the Spanish party began with some games that consisted in acting, dancing, and in a really weird quiz show. For this quiz, the participants who didn’t answer to the questions correctly were punished by getting closer and closer of their partner’s ass – too many wrong answers would take them to kiss it. The games ended at midnight and we could taste some sangria before moving the party to the disco in the garage.

For this special evening the disco closed at 3:15 instead of 2:00. After the disco we gathered in the room to read the messages from the secret message box, that participants could write during the day. Some friendship and love declarations – true or fake – were received by most of us.

Watch out with Czech drinks!!!

Dear diary,

when we came back to the camp, exhausted from the trekking, we had the afternoon free, so we could choose between going to the swimming pool or just staying here and have some sleep. I just didn’t feel like sleeping so I went to the swimming pool… but in the end I just surrendered to tiredness as I laid down on the grass.

Back to the camp, some of us went into town to have a nice pizza. We didn’t know where to go at first. In the end we literally invaded a restaurant close to the pool. We shared different pizzas instead of individual ones, because it was quicker and also because we could try different toppings.

As we came back, the Czech party was about to start. All countries were supposed to prepare a short performance on what they knew about Czech Republic, so we laughed a lot with every point of view. After that, we played a game in which the Czech had to choose the very best shouter, so eight volunteers were contesting in some kind of shout fight. It was really fun! Finally our friends from Czech Republic were serving a typical drink from their country called “Beton”… and from that moment on no one can really remember what happened…

Trekking tour

Dear diary,

our journey started at ten o’clock: the bus took us to the starting point in Ciano d’Enza, where we started our walk. At the beginning it was quite easy, but the further we walked the harder it was, because the path was going uphill and the weather was also extremely hot.

The route we were walking on is called route of Canossa, in memory of Matilde di Canossa, a very important countess in the middle age, one of the most powerful women in history. The tour guide was absolutely hilarious, because he was speaking three languages simultaneously, so it was very hard for us to understand the story of Canossa. We followed the path uphill and downhill to reach our sleeping destination – Casa del Tibet. In this place we did some meditations and played a game with flags of all countries in the world, because of the special day – 08/08/08. After a short break, we had dinner and Andrea, Dani and Hagen played on guitar and sang for about 2 hours. We really enjoyed the party there, sitting together and drinking under a pitch black sky full of stars.

We slept outside, and at 8:30 am we continued the trekking tour. Somehow we walked in the wrong direction, ending up 4 km from the place where our bus was waiting for us. We tried to contact the bus driver, but we couldn’t reach him the phone, so our super hero Edmondo tried to hitch-hike to get a lift to the parking lot. After half an hour he was eventually successful: a girl on a scooter took him to the place where the bus was parked and in few minutes we were on our way back to Scandiano.

It was very exhausting, but no one got injured – and that’s really a first time in the history of the camp! Hagen, our camp “nurse”, was really surprised – he’s always expecting the worst to come on trekking tours. We really had a great time on this trip!

Theatre in Reggio Emilia

Dear diary,

As usual, we had the workshops in the morning to prepare the final show and in the afternoon we could go to the swimming pool.

In the evening, some people went to “Teatro la Cavallerizza” in Reggio Emilia to see the play “Acqua Minerale”. Valentina and Miryam, the theatre teamers, were performing there. Even if the show was in Italian, everybody could enjoy it because this was not all about dialogue, but body expression had an important part.

The story was a comedy and it took place in the middle age. Main characters were Stronzio, his mother, the servants and many more. Stronzio is in love with a girl of the village, who doesn’t love him in return. He captured her, asked her to be his lover, but she managed to kill him. On the other side the servants have to fight in the war but they flee. The comedy was very funny even though was kind of sad: in fact all the characters died in the final battle.

The participants who didn’t go to theatre stayed at school for the football match against the local youngsters. Both teams had their own supporters, who made the whole atmosphere really friendly. Unfortunately our team lost, maybe because they were not used to play together. But it was still an interesting and funny match!

Our football players were taken to Reggio after the match and could join us for a huge and delicious ice-cream. The shop was as full as it could be for at least half an hour. Ice-cream gave us the power to party again all night long the disco!

Wet party at night

Dear diary,

Today we had workshop almost all day long, but, first time during this camp, the weather was mercyful and eventually it started to rain in the afternoon. We are all looking forward to the trekking tour.

It has been quite exhausting for everyone to have so many workshop hours, but in fact we couldn’t have enjoyed any other activity because of the bad weather, so we are happy somehow. The air is now a bit cooler, so rain wasn’t that bad after all. Even Claudio the capoeira teamer started to shout around the corridor going like “Yes! Yes! Yes!” at the very moment he saw the rain.

In the evening after dinner local people organised a party in front of the canteen. We had a lot of fun with the DJ shouting to the crowd in Italian and cheering the people to dance with no pauses. Local youngster joined in, too. Everything was going smoothly until the rain came and made things even funnier. You should have seen all those people dancing in the rain! At midnight the outdoor party ended. Unfortunately we couldn’t invite the local people to come inside the school. For us the party kept going in the garage – our beloved disco room – until 2:00. The toughest ones stayed awake almost all night.

Love is in the air…

Dear diary,

“Love is in the air everywhere I look around…”

What a surprise at dinner time! Our favorite polish couple enjoyed the meal as if they were sitting in the most luxurious restaurant. Clod waited their table really professionally, pouring water as if it was the most expensive champagne, while Andrea was playing a serenade on the accordion for them. Candles, flowers and simply the perfect athmosphere.

Before that, the day passed as usual with the workshops and the volleyball tournament, which is becoming very interesting as it is coming to the final match. Also, the people who didn’t go to the observatory yesterday, could go there today. The cloudy sky spoiled it a bit, and some stars weren’t unfortunately visible.

At the usual evening meeting, the theatre teamers, Valentina and Myriam, told us that they will perform a “commedia dell’arte” in Reggio Emilia, and we all are invited to go and see them playing. I’m looking forward to that because it’s a great opportunity to see an Italian theatre and the city, too.

First Impressions from the Campers

On Monday 4th we made some interviews in the different workshops to collect the first impressions of the participants.

In this workshop, they are doing decorations and costumes for the final show. For these tasks, various materials, such as paper, cloths, carton, … are used. When we arrived, they were building and painting horse heads, which will be used by the theatre workshop. The participants were so concentrated on their work that they didn’t even notice us. They seemed to enjoy it and found it better than they had expected.

We went to the theatre workshop during their break, so that we could talk without disturbing them. For the moment, they are practising in order to be more confident, to learn how to use the space, to know and trust each other better … One general feeling: everybody likes the diversity and originality of this activity, mixing theatre, pantomime, music and corporal expression. At the end of their session, they all looked really tired, but satisfied.

This activity starts with warm-up exercises, which are already exhausting. The teamers Claudio, Tommaso, and Alberto make sure the participants don’t get hurt. Later on they continue with some capoeira movements. During the first sessions they’ve learned the basics. Capoeira needs a lot of physical effort.
A quote to remember: “It’s awesome!!!” – Daniel from Czech Republic.

The video workshop is always moving around the school, therefore we had few problems to finally find them in the garage. They were studying how light effects can change the expression of someone’s face. They had their first contact with the video camera and didn’t leave it, even as we were asking them some questions. They didn’t exactly know what they’ll do for the final show, but the next days they’ll do some short shots and video editing on the computer. According to them this workshop is funny and exciting and Capt’n Kowal is the best leader, ever!

In the garage with the video workshop we could hear some unexpected music – the music workshop also moved to the garage, where the disco room is. They are preparing the soundtrack for the final show. Because of the diversity of the instruments (bass, guitars, piano, trumpet, clarinet, keyboard) it is quite difficult for them to compose all together. Still, they managed to do it, and, when we got there, they were already playing and singing “Knocking on heaven doors” by Bob Dylan. Playing all together is a way for them to work and express themselves as a team.

After a “long” walk, struggling with the heat and the sun, we finally arrived to the dance workshop, which takes place in a little room under the supermarket. We couldn’t collect information, because they were doing relaxing exercises, which seems pleasant after the wild nights we have had so far. Back to school, we waited for them. They enjoyed these first sessions, including some get-to-know games, but they are looking forward to dancing.

Hot, sunny workshops

Dear diary,

The new day started early (maybe too early) with our new duty: the workshops. Campers have many options to choose from: theatre, painting, video, dancing, capoeira, music and joyshop. This first day was to introduce each activity to the participants.

In the afternoon we were offered football and volleyball matches and the first Italian lesson. Because of the hot weather, the football match was suspended, but the volley ball match was a success. I went to the Italian lesson and it was really interesting, we were introduced to the basic vocabulary, such as numbers, introducing ourselves, days of the week and some sentences for shopping.

In the school there are 50 bikes for us to move around the city, but the most popular destination so far has been the swimming pool. After the Italian class I took my towel and my swimming suit, and when we arrived at the garage, there were only eight bikes left and we were seven, so we were lucky. The entrance of the swimming pool was crowded of red bikes and the water was packed with people from all over Europe!

Coming back to the camp, we found a new participant, and an old friend from the past camps: Tilman from Germany. JÜrgen suggested we prepare the Rum Show… er… I mean, Room Show. People from each room had to prepare a presentation to introduce themselves to the camp. We got many different performances like theatre, songs, dance … We had so much fun!

Getting to the International Youth Camp (IYC)

Dear diary,

Our journey started on 31st of July at 4pm. The journey was not as long as we thought at first, but it was a way to get to know each other closer.

When we arrived the next day at 2:30pm we had already made 19 new friends (at least in my case). We had a very refreshing welcome because after we left our luggage they invited us to go to the swimming pool and, believe me, it is a very impressive one. With its aquatic slides and even a Jacuzzi! To get there we used some bikes and had a really funny tour. All the people in the city were surprised by this red crowd of bikes and bells ringing at the same time.

When we came back, all participants had already arrived; people from all over Europe: Geany, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Hungary, Switzerland and Slovakia. People from previous camps met each other again with joy. For me all this was new because this is my first camp, but I already know some stories from this event from my friends, who recommended me to come.

All nationalities were mixed in the rooms, and we started using English immediately. We still have some trouble to pronounce some names, but that is a part of the camp, too.

The aim of the first evening was to get to know each other and to discover some stuff about other countries. After dinner we spent some time chatting, introducing ourselves to the new friends and also playing kicker. Finally we fell down to our beds exhausted by all these exciting events.

Some technical information

For the two readers of this diary (at least during the non-camp time of the year), just some information about these pages.

  1. I added a new gallery system (the old one was, well, old…) and you can see it on the left side. I recollected all the pictures that where on the old system and put them back. Probably, really old posts that referred to those pages don’t work anymore;
  2. I changed the “theme” of the pages again to make it easier to manage.

I hope to read a lot about the next camp in Reggio Emilia soon on these pages!